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Headquaters, Agencies in Hoan Kiem District
Headquaters, Agencies in Hoan Kiem District
Tourist Support Services
Tourist Support Services
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Ly Thai To King Monument Area and Dinh Tien Hoang Street
Ly Thai To King Monument Area
Travel virtual assistant

Meet and Go

How do you start a trip? Searching Google for information, booking air ticket, booking hotel, etc.? In the future, you will not have to do all that kinds of work thanks to MAG. MAG is a travel companion and tour guide for you on every trip. We name MAG a virtual travel assistant.

MAG runs on two basic mobile platforms, iOS and Android. Only with one smart phone, all user’s complex manipulation in the past will be replaced by choosing agreeing or not. The user will make a request for MAG with his/her voice, and MAG will respond with sound.

In addition to providing information, road direction, ticket booking, etc., MAG also assists travelers in translating basic sentences. With MAG, you can now easily travel anywhere without having to worry about language barriers.

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